Brother HC1850

by Lisa

In a world where nobody has time for anything other than work, family, and sleep, it is difficult to imagine doing the basic things that had been done for hundreds of years. When it comes to sewing something together or hemming the legs on your jeans, most would rather pay someone to do it. If you aren’t one of those people and would rather work from home with your own sewing machine, the Brother HC1850 should do the job. This sewing machine is one of the best on the market and its worth every penny.

brother hc1850The Brother sewing machine HC1850 is almost like the Rolls Royce of the sewing machine industry. This device is made with all types of customers in mind. It is packed with features that will allow you to sew, quilt, complete basic monogramming, and even decorative stitching. It comes with a large set of 130 stitches and the sewing font needed for monogramming. There are eight styles of button holes that can be added to a piece with a single step. Among the other features with this machine is the detachable wide table, spring action quilting foot, 14 different quilting stitch functions, and the capabilities to complete freehand stitching. The product comes with free lifetime phone support and has a 25 year limited warranty. The device weighs a little more than 10 pounds, so it is easy to move, but it also looks nice enough to leave atop a table. There are many more features with the Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine. There is a backlit LCD display screen that allows you to pick which pre-programmed stitch design you want to add to your material. It also has adjustable sewing speed and the built in light provides you with a bright working area no matter what time of day. For those that always have problems setting up their bobbin, simply drop it into the slot, pull the thread through to the opening and you will be set until your needle needs to be changed or you run out of thread.

When looking through the Brother HC1850 reviews, you will see countless favorites of the machine. One of the most popular parts of the HC1850 is the instruction manual that clearly states how to use all the handy functions included with the sewing machine. The machine also allows you to either use the foot pedal to operate it or use the controls directly on the machine. One of the biggest positives about this sewing machine is the number of stitches that come pre-programmed already. For anyone looking to make a business out of monogramming items, this machine will allow you to do that. While a lot of traditional sewers like using the foot pedal because that is how they learned to sew, using the machine without the pedal is something that everyone should try. With the HC1850, you can do basic patterns or something outside the box simply by using the controls on the machine.

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One of the biggest knocks seen in a Brother HC1850 review is the fact that most Brother devices breakdown quicker than other machines. The HC1850 isn’t in the same category. This product is built to last and takes away all those previous thoughts about the brand. While not necessary a knock against the Brother HC1850, a warning for some would be since the machine is computerized, should the computer ever go, you won’t be able to use the product. At that point, you can call the company and see if the computer is covered under their limited warranty for the machine. The bobbin has been known to have some problems and get clogged, but this can be avoided if you change the needle regularly and don’t overwork this machine.

Whether you are new to sewing or have been taking part in the craft for 40 years, this sewing machine is right for you. It comes out of the box with 130 different stitches that can be entered into the computer through the backlit LCD display screen on the machine. Here, you can see what pattern you want and go from there. It can be operated with or without the foot pedal and features an easy to use bobbin drop-in. There aren’t many bad parts about this machine and once you try it, you will see how well it really works and never spend your time sewing without it.

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