Brother XL2600i

by Lisa

The Brother XL2600i is an inexpensive, easy to use sewing machine. It is packed full of features that will appeal to beginner and expert sewers alike. The body of the machine is compact and light, yet durable at the same time. It features a jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin, making it very quick and easy to thread. The bobbin can then be wound automatically with just a few easy steps. After you have threaded the machine, the automatic needle does the rest of the work for you. This eliminates the time consuming task of finding that little eye.

brother xl2600iThe Brother XL2600i sewing machine even includes a twin needle for those more decorative stitches. It comes loaded with 25 preset stitches that are good for almost every project you could think of. These stitches can be selected using the conveniently located dial. There are various stitches for garments, decorative, quilting and heirloom. There is also a one-step, auto-sized buttonhole stitch.

The built-in free arm makes sewing things like cuffs and sleeves totally effortless. The easy to control foot pedal allows for worry free operation. It includes five presser feet that will make every project a breeze. There are the buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, blind stitch foot, zipper foot and narrow hemmer foot. These presser feet are easily changed using the included screwdriver. Other accessories include a darning plate, needle pack, three bobbins, extra spool pin, accessory bag, and power cord. The storage compartment that is built into the XL2600i can hold your accessories so they are never misplaced.

There is a light illuminating the sewing surface to ensure accuracy while sewing. The built-in thread cutter eliminates the need to grab a pair of scissors all the time, which will speed up your projects. With all of these features, the convenience of the Brother sewing machine XL2600i cannot be denied. It is perfect for almost every project and person.

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The only true way to determine if this machine is what it is made out to be is to read what real users have to say about it. Customers are thrilled about a machine that has so many features packed in for such a reasonable price. Beginners do not want to invest a lot but they want a quality machine that is easy to learn. That is exactly what you get with the Brother XL2600i sewing machine. One novice user said, “This is my first sewing machine and this thing is simple to use. It is amazingly easy to thread and wind bobbins and it is very powerful.” On the other hand, experienced sewers want something that will allow them to fly through projects without worrying about complications. No one wants to deal with a troublesome setup or common problems like jams. One particular Brother XL2600i review focused on how reliable this machine is. “The price couldn’t have been better, it is sturdy and of very high quality, and has all the features I could ever need as an intermediate sewer.”

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Along with reliability, many sewing machine owners are looking to be able to transport their equipment easily. The lightweight design of this sewing machine makes that possible. At just 11 pounds, it is a breeze to take it along almost anywhere. It is easy to see that the vast majority of people who own this sewing machine are more than satisfied with it. Choosing a sewing machine is a very serious decision, regardless of your expertise or style. If you decide to purchase the Brother XL2600i, you will not regret it. The quality, versatility, and overall exceptional value of this machine make it a great deal.
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