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horn sewing cabinets

Horn Sewing Cabinets

Horn of America has tremendous pride over its achievements. The simple reason behind this: all of the company’s products are America-made. This is no trivial point. The term “America-made” refers to more than merely the country or region where commodities are produced. Such a label denotes both high quality and quick service. All merchandise the […]

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dress patterns for girls

Fantastic and Free Dress Patterns for Girls

There is no shortage of dress patterns for girls available to be found on-line. But not all of them are created equal and not all of them are free. Whether you are a beginner or a well seasoned seamstress, you do not want to spend time and material on an inferior pattern. So we have […]

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Sewing Room Organization

Everything In its Place: Your Sewing Room Organization

 Of the many skills people can possess, sewing is not only one of the most interesting, but also most useful. Being able to do such basic tasks as sewing a button back onto a shirt or more elaborate tasks like designing and making bed linens or draperies can save lots of time and money. However, […]

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learning to sew

Some Tips If You Are Learning To Sew

So you have decided that sewing is a skill you would like to master. Good for you! It can be a satisfying and rewarding hobby, and learning to sew can benefit your budget if frugality is what you seek. There are some things you will need in order to embark on this journey. You will […]

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Some Sewing Machine Accessories You Might Need

sewing machine accessories

Once you have your new sewing machine, make sure to carefully read the instruction booklet that came with it. Another good idea would be to make a list of sewing machine accessories you may need before starting any projects. This step is often forgotten or skipped, which can make your sewing experience more difficult. Here […]

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free sewing patterns

Where To Find Free Sewing Patterns

For many sewers, whether you’re a hobbyist or an at home business person, you will often be on a hunt to find sewing patterns free – and sometimes it’s a mission. There are plenty of free sewing patterns available on the internet – but who really has time to sift through all of the superfluous […]

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walking foot thumbnail

Common Types of Presser Feet

The little metal piece that attaches to the sewing machine around the needle is called a presser foot. There are several different models of presser feet and each has its own specific use. If your machine did not come with one or more feet that you would like to use for a project, then you […]

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cutting a pattern thumbnail

How to Cut a Pattern Properly

When you first start sewing you are going to want to use a sewing pattern. Patterns come in different sizes so be sure to check the label for the correct size you are looking for. To start, iron each piece of the pattern on low heat. Lay it flat out on your table and cut […]

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embroidery machine thumbnail

Types of Sewing Machines

Hand sewing is great to know but not necessary if you own a sewing machine. These tools make it easier and faster to create your masterpiece. A beginners sewing machine can stitch at least 600 stitches per minute with more advanced models doubling that amount. If you are interested in learning how to sew then […]

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fabric storage thumbnail

Maintaining Your Sewing Machine

Proper maintenance of a sewing machine is essential for a long life. It is a habit of many sewers to simply leave a machine as is and come back to it later when they are crafting. There is nothing wrong with this, in theory, but there is always the possibility that something will happen to […]

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