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What Does A Sewing Machine Include ?

As you are reading through reviews and descriptions of sewing machines you will discover that they offer a variety of features. Not all models offer the same features so it is important to know which features they have and what they are before purchasing a machine. Most newer models of sewing machines are computerized and […]

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Your First Sewing Machine

Owning a sewing machine can be an exciting experience. There are thousands upon thousands projects that you can create. From making your own bedding to home décor such as curtains and throw pillows to custom costumes and wedding dresses. Many people choose to embark on this creative hobby as something fun to do or a […]

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What can you do with a sewing machine?

The first sewing machines could be used for making straight stitches and that’s it. However, today’s models are significantly more advanced. Most modern machines that are produced today are computerized but there are still some manual models available. Both manual and computerized models both have pre-programmed stitches that the sewer can choose from. Next there […]

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