Janome 8077

by Lisa

The Janome 8077 computerized sewing machine takes modern technical precision and experiments with letting it steady a sewing hand.

Janome 8077 Main Features

Some purists might frown upon excessive automation. Many a traditionalist crafter takes a certain pride in handmade simplicity and the intricacy of applied personal care in every detail, from choosing the fabric to applying every individual stitch. Still, proper and thoughtful automation can beget a certain undeniable, consistent quality. The Janome 8077 comes programmed with 30 “memorized” stitches. That trumps even the 23 automated stitches that Singer’s 4423 Heavy Duty Model sewing machine offers.

Additionally, where the Singer model’s stitches can be selected one after another using the circular dial, the Janome 8077 sewing machine toggles between stitches via its front stitch panel and LED display. It’s a small difference, but one that makes it a more modern machine.

Janome 8077Janome 8077 reviews from past and present widely praise it for its overall versatility, especially at its price point under $300. For all that it can do, users find that it does it all within a very light-weight package. It also carries out its work with an unintrusive, whisper-quiet motor. For being so light, more than one owner has found it sews better than the similar Singer Featherweight.

It seems Janome designed this model with thought toward saving time and improving efficiency for the owner. Aside from the automatic stitches, the Janome 8077 takes even coordinating foot control from a project’s equation with a handy start-stop button. The auto-declutch winds the bobbin with no fuss. The automatic needle-threader relieves eye-straining precision by making threading as simple as raising the needle, placing the hooked thread in front of it, and pulling back. Done!

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Your 8077 might mark your end to eyeballing stitch widths and lengths. Both adjust by pressing the “plus” or “minus” button as needed. Monitor both via the LED display. The clear bobbin cover lets you track your remaining thread closely, and the jam-proof seven-feed-teeth system guarantees that accidentally sewing off the fabric’s edge won’t be a problem. Set your tension with the push of a button, and go to town. The Janome will stay the course until you adjust it yourself again.

The Janome also includes useful features and accessories available with multiple other brands’ machines, including the free arm for working with pant legs, shirt sleeves and hems.

The 8077 also comes loaded with:

-One Step Automatic Buttonhole foot
-Additional Spool Pin
-Zipper foot
-Satin Stitch foot
-Seam Ripper
-Spool Caps

The 8077 allows any level of experience sewer to piece together striking, well-stitched garments and other projects with consistent quality throughout. Experienced users could be just as seduced by the time, energy and effort that the automated features save and the interface’s clarity, easy use and easy access.

The automated needle-threading, simple bobbin and intuitive interface for the programmed stitches leave fans raving about its suitability for beginning or intermediate users looking for simple, fairly inexpensive machines that will improve skills while allowing them to navigate intricate projects with consistent finished results. It lets those same users enjoy working on fabrics of any given thickness without feeling like they’re pushing the machine beyond its capabilities.

Meanwhile, experienced users fall in love repeatedly with the way the Janome easily and effectively automates menial tasks and adjustments that they would rather not have to bother with. This gives them more time to focus on the design and creativity of their current project.

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This widely comes up as the best bang-for-your-buck machine that suits every expertise level without necessarily breaking anyone’s bank in the process.



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