Singer 7258

by Lisa

The Singer Stylist 7258 is a multi-functional, electric and automatic sewing machine. It sews at up to 750 stitches-per-minute and has 100 preset stitches for an almost endless list of projects; such as sewing clothing, heirloom, decorative sewing and quilting; that can be selected with a simple press of a button. The features are designed to meet the needs of many different sewers given them more options compared to lesser equipped sewing machines. The Singer 7258 sewing machine also has an electronic start/stop feature that no longer requires foot pedals if you choose to sew without them. It has an impressive number of automatic features as well. These include automatic tension, built-in buttonholes, needle threader, presser foot pressure, bobbin winding clutch and bobbin winder stop.

singer 7258The Singer 7258 Stylist can also be programmed to have the needle stop in either the up or down position, whichever you prefer. It has snap-on presser feet so no tools will be required to change feet. By simply pressing a button, you can have straight and decorative stitches tied-off without ever worrying about the durability of the stitch. The Singer 7258 sewing machine is capable of automatically choosing the perfect length and width for a stitch but can also be set manually for the dimensions of your choice. Bobbins are dropped in through the top making it easier than ever to thread the machine. It has the option of using a twin needle and can still utilize the preset stitches by lowering the width of the stitch. In addition, the needle can be set to an amazing 13 different positions to ensure that every project will be a cinch.

The machine’s feeding system has 6 segments which helps the fabric feed through in a precise manner. Sewing has never been easier with the built in LED white lamp that lights up the sewing surface. The bulb will last for up to 100,000 hours and is guaranteed to never get hot no matter how long you are using the machine. The built in storage on the Singer 7258 Stylist model sewing machine ensures quick and easy access to all of your accessories. Don’t ever lose those small pieces again. You can always be sure that the stitch selection you made has taken effect with the audible tones that emanate from the machine to confirm what you have chosen. The Singer 7258 also has a very sturdy look and feel. It has an aluminum frame inside for guaranteed stability so this machine can last for years and years.

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People really have a lot to say about the Singer Stylist 7258. Users rave about how quiet it is due to how smoothly it sews and how easy it is to learn to operate the machine. It comes with numerous presser feet and that fact alone has been said to sell people on this sewing machine. Customers have advised new sewers to skip the cheap machines and go straight for this one due to how straightforward and efficient it truly is. Others are enthralled over no longer having to fear losing their accessories with a such a convenient little storage compartment. Experienced sewers are saying things like, “I have done a lot of sewing in my lifetime and I give this sewing machine a very high rating.” As well as, “I cannot say enough about this machine, it is one of the best ones I have ever used.” So often, manufacturers will talk up their product to convince consumers to buy it when in reality, it’s really not that great.



There is only one true way to know exactly how good the Singer 7258 sewing machine really is and that is to read the reviews. There is an almost endless count of positive experiences with this machine. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned vet of sewing, you truly can’t afford to miss out on the ingenuity and simplicity of the Singer 7258 Stylist model sewing machine. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to ("Best Sewing Machine Reviews HQ" (,, or

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