Types of Sewing Machines

by Lisa

Hand sewing is great to know but not necessary if you own a sewing machine. These tools make it easier and faster to create your masterpiece. A beginners sewing machine can stitch at least 600 stitches per minute with more advanced models doubling that amount. If you are interested in learning how to sew then there are a few things you need to understand and conquer to get from where you are to being the designer you want to be in your mind.

First, start by researching sewing machines. Machines fall into different classes. Typically beginner models are under $100 and do not feature the many options that other models do. Moderate to advanced level models can be priced at $200 to $500 depending on which machine you go with. Sewing machines, serger machines and embroidering machines are all very different. On a basic scale, a sewing machine can do the same work as a serger and an embroidering machine if it has those functions built in and is adaptable to the different types of presser foots that are necessary for such work. Even so it won’t be as good as a decdicated Serger or embroidery machine. Read through available reviews regarding different types of sewing machines. There are literally hundreds to choose from but the most popular, longest lasting and best options are those manufactured by Singer and Brother.

Both of these companies produce quality machines. Singer is one of the original manufacturers of sewing machines and their vintage pieces can be found sitting as breathtaking antiques in homes around the world. When you are a beginner sewer, sometimes having a simpler model is a better idea. You may get overwhelmed with all the functions on higher end machines.With any sewing machine it is important to read the instruction manual front to back and keep it handy while first using your new machine incase you need to refer to it for instructions..

sergerBefore I had mentioned the serger and embroidering machine. A serger is a machine that is used to sew an edge onto a piece of fabric without creating an actual hem with folded fabric. Typically this is used to prevent fraying. If you ever look on the inside of a piece of clothing such as a dress or dress pants you will notice that there is the line of straight stitches that holds the two pieces of fabric together and then each piece has a zig zag stitch that goes to the edge of the fabric. This is the type of stitch that a serger machine will create.

 embroidery machine

An embroidery machine is used for just that – embroidering. It is most common for people to use these on a commercial front. The newer models of embroidering machines are computerized and link directly to a computer to help create professional results. You can upload patterns to the machine that you download from the internet so the options are endless. As a home sewer you most likely will only be doing the occasional embroidery so you could probably get by with one of the combination machines like the Brother Se400.

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